Tunisian Hot Traditional Harissa paste 370gr

Type: Chili Pepper Harissa

Form: Pasty

Taste: Spicy

Color: Red

Packaging:  Glass Jar

Weight: 370 gr

Certification: ISO 9001,ISO 22000,IFS,BRC,USDA,Eurep gap,Fair Trade,Ecocert

Place of Origin: Tunisia

Brand Name: MEDILIFE or OEM


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Tunisian Hot Traditional Harissa paste 370gr, the North African hot pepper paste.


Tunisian Hot Traditional Harissa paste 370gr (pronounced hah-ree-suh) is a spicy pepper paste widely used in North African and Middle Eastern cuisine made either with dried Chilli peppers or dried Cayenne peppers.


The main ingredients of our Harissa are:

Dry Chili / Cayenne peppers

Garlic paste

Caraway seeds

Coriander seeds



Extra Virgin Olive Oil




Harissa and the Tunisian cuisine.


Harissa is the main condiment even “the national condiment of Tunisia”. Indeed, it accompanies any savory food for that spicy kick that your taste buds crave. To avoid exaggeration, Harissa is used in most Tunisian dishes if not all of them, such as: meat dishes (poultrybeefgoat, or lamb) or fish dishes, with vegetables, and as a flavoring for couscous, soups, “brik” and pasta. It is also used for lablabi, a chickpea soup usually eaten for breakfast.” Added to that, it can also be spread on bread for a sandwich, or served as a dipping sauce






Why should I add Harissa to my diet? 


Harissa is the perfect addition to your healthy diet; it contains capsaicin (a chemical compound that gives spice to chili) that can reduce blood pressure.

Eating Harissa may reduce inflammations and help relieve colds, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, and many other illnesses.

Added to that, Harissa, is well known for boosting the metabolism. Being spicy, it stimulates a much faster work of the metabolism that everyone needs.








“OEM Brand”

MOQ 3 x 20′ Container

“Medilife Brand”

MOQ 1 x 20′ Container

“Other Established Brand”

MOQ 1 x 20′ Container



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Nutrition facts


185Kj/ 240 Kcal

Oily materials

Saturated fatty acid

0.6 g

0.1 g



7.8 g

1.6 g


1.8 g


6.73 g


Shipping info

Designation Jar / Carton Brand Carton / Pallet
190gr Glass Jar 1×12 MEDILIFE 225
350gr Glass Jar 1×12 MEDILIFE 170


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